Postdoctoral Research Associate Position

This position has been filled.

A Postdoctoral Research Associate Position is available in Professor R. Thevamaran’s laboratory at the Department of Engineering Physics to study the dynamic behavior and properties of nanostructured metals and hierarchical materials. A strong background in experimental solid mechanics and materials science is required for this research. Highly motivated and talented scholars who have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, or Engineering Mechanics are encouraged to apply. Having prior experience in electron microscopy (SEM & TEM) and X-ray diffraction techniques, and in situ nanoindentation is desirable.

Interested recent graduates, or students who will be graduating soon shall email Prof. Thevamaran with their CV, two significant publications, and a cover letter. The cover letter should clearly describe your prior research experiences, research interests, and your fit to the research focus of Thevamaran Laboratory in one page.

The research at the Thevamaran laboratory will offer prospects of working on challenging research problems in a dynamic team with ample of opportunities for collaboration across disciplines. The University of Wisconsin-Madison is located in the City of Madison, which is known for its divers community, high quality of life, and its natural beauty with multiple lakes and pleasant seasonal variations.